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An Introduction to Email in Tern
An Introduction to Email in Tern

A guide to all-things-email in Tern

Written by Molly Johnson
Updated this week


This article provides an end to end guide for all-things-email in Tern. We'll walk through:

  • Integrating with your email client, to send emails "from you", see all of your emails in Tern, and see emails sent from Tern in your email client outbox.

  • Creating message templates and using variables

  • Sending email from Tern - with or without the email integration

  • Reading, triaging & replying to email in Tern - with or without the email integration

  • Setting up an email signature - which will be automatically added to all your emails

Note: if you'd like to learn more about sending email automatically based on rules/triggers, check out Automation in Tern.

Integrating with your email client

Tern without an email integration

If you have not integrated your email (which will be available soon!), you can still send and reply to emails via Tern. The main things to be aware of are that:

  • They will come from Your Name (via Tern), and '[email protected]'. Your clients can actually respond to these emails, and we make that clear in the email they receive. The email address itself is a bit confusing, which we are working on fixing.

  • You will only see email replies when you have initiated an email from Tern. For example - if you share a trip and send an email from Tern, and your client responds back, you will see that reply in Tern. But if you get a flight confirmation from an airline, you will not see that confirmation email in Tern.

Benefits of integrating

  • Emails will come directly from "your email", and appear in your email client outbox as well as Tern. Jump to 'Sending Email from Tern' to learn more.

  • You'll see all emails synced into Tern, not just replies to threads initiated in Tern. This allows you to triage things like confirmation emails to your trips for easy reference. Jump to Reading, triaging & replying to email in Tern to learn more.

To set this up go to your Settings, click 'Email and Scheduling', agree to our terms & conditions, and click 'Connect Account'

You will be taken through a flow to integrate with your chosen email provider.

This is an example from gmail

If you want to set up the email integration, make sure to give permission to view email messages/settings and send email on your behalf

Once you're done, you should see 'Account Connected'

Storing message templates & using variables

1. To add a template, go to your Library, select 'Emails', and click 'New Template'

2. Create your email template

We support basic formatting (bold, italics, underline, hyperlinks, bullet point lists, font color/highlighting). You can also embed photos.

3. Optionally add variables to your email template

If it makes sense for the template you are building, add a variable by highlighting text and clicking the { } symbol in our editor

We currently support the following variables, but would love to hear if there are others you'd like to see! Shoot a note to our support team with any requests.

4. Preview your template to make sure everything looks good

We use fake names/data if you preview from a template - don't worry, when you add this template to a trip or contact the correct information will be swapped in.

Sending email from Tern

You can email clients through Tern by sharing a trip, sharing a form, or creating a new email from the "Emails" tab of your Trips or Contacts.

As a reminder - if you have set up an integration with your email provider, emails will come directly from your email address. If not, emails will come from Your Name (via Tern) / [email protected].

Sending an email when sharing a trip

1. Go to your trip, and click 'publish'

2. Insert a template or add your own custom email, and click 'send'

Tip: don't forget you can also customize the subject line and who to send this to

3. Your client will receive an email immediately

If you haven't set up an email integration, it will look something like this:

If you have set up the integration, it will be indistinguishable from an email you send from your email client:

4. You will also see the email in the 'Emails' tab of your trip

Sending an email when sharing a form

You can initiate an email from your forms by clicking the 'mail' icon.

Messages you send from here will appear in your global email inbox.

Sending an email from a trip or contact

You can also send emails from your trips - by going to the Emails tab and clicking 'new'

Or from your contacts, by clicking into an individual contact, selecting 'Emails', and clicking 'Send Email'.

Reading, triaging & replying to email in Tern

If you haven't integrated your email client, you can still see any replies your clients send from the emails you initiate through Tern.

The replies will appear in:

  • Your global email inbox (for all emails)

  • The 'Emails' tab of the trip, if initiated from the trip

  • The 'Emails' tab of your contact, if initiated from the contact

You will also see the trip the email is associated with on the right hand side under 'Related Content'

You can remove the association if you no longer want to see it under Emails for that trip; you can also click through directly to view the trip from here!

If you have integrated your email client, you will see ALL your emails in Tern, regardless of whether they were initiated from Tern

1. Go to your Global Email Inbox to see all emails in Tern

You can search on subject line to narrow down your results

2. From here you can tag any email you receive with a specific trip, which will add it to that Trip's 'Emails' tab.

For example - if you get a flight confirmation from United for a specific trip, you can tag it with that trip so it is tracked there.

3. Click the trip directly from 'Related Content', go to 'Emails', and you'll see the email tracked there!

4. Emails that are from a Tern contact or have a tagged trip will show up as 'Important', in that default filter view -

Reply directly to emails in Tern

You can always reply to existing email threads in Tern, through the global Email inbox or from your trip / contact emails tab.

If you have chosen to integrate your email client, you'll see the option to choose who to reply to when you respond.

You can choose anyone who is on this email thread already when you respond.

Archiving emails

To archive an email, click the archive icon from your email

You can access archived emails in the 'archived' tab, and unarchive them from there

Please note: When you archive an email in Tern, it will be deleted after one week (seven days time). When you archive a trip, any emails attached to that trip will be deleted after 28 days (four weeks time).

Deleting an email in your external email client does not delete it in Tern. Similarly, if we delete an archived email in Tern, it will not be deleted in your external email client.

Setting up an email signature

To set up a signature, go to 'Settings' -> Email & Scheduling

'Email signature' will be below the integration information

You can store a simple signature (using our editor)

Make sure you save, and toggle 'enable signature' ON

Or, you can create your signature via HTML

Most email signature creation services have the option to "copy source code" or "copy HTML" available.

For example, HubSpot has a free signature creation service. Then they let you "copy signature source code" as an option below.

Once you copy the code, paste it into our HTML editor option and 'preview' to make sure it looks good!

We will automatically append your email signature whenever you send from Tern. This includes emails sent from templates.

Your signature won't show up in the editor box itself, but will when you preview & send your email!

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