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Tern & Learn: Tern's Training Courses

How to get access to Tern & Learn

Setting up your Tern account

Accessing your user settings and configuring these settings prior to jumping into anything else.

Trip Planning

Articles about creating and managing trips


Articles about the contacts (CRM) functionality in Tern

Importing Contact Data Into Tern

Information on how to import data into Tern using our new contact importer


Information on using Tern's form tools.

Credit Card Authorization, Pricing, & Payment Groups

Information on credit card authorization in Tern


Information on Tern's cruise feature

Flight Tracker

Information on Tern's flight integration.

Emails & Messaging

Navigating configuring your email in Tern and optimizing messaging

Getting Started With Tern

Articles on how to get going in the Tern product

Sharing feedback with the Tern team

We want your feedback! Here's how to share it...

Security and Data

Questions about Tern's infrastructure, data protection, and security

Proposals and Itineraries

Information about sharing proposals/itineraries with clients.

Resources for Travelers

Help articles for travelers on how to use Tern


Articles about managing your agency on Tern

Welcome to Tern

Articles used in Tern's onboarding experience


Work with individuals, agencies, or groups in Tern