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Information on Tern's cruise feature

What cruise lines does Tern support?Information the cruise lines Tern imports via our provider.
Adding a cruise to your Tern itineraryLearn how to quickly add a cruise to your Tern itinerary using Tern's cruise feature.
Adding a cabin to your cruise itineraryHow to use Tern's integrated cabin library to add cabin details to your cruise itinerary.
Using option blocks to present your clients with multiple cabin optionsGive your clients options when it comes to staterooms/cabins. This tutorial will walk you through option blocks + cabins
Cruises and ship data sync informationInformation on how often cruise information is updated in Tern and what happens when a cruse you've added changes.
Present clients with different cruise optionsUsing multiple itineraries to present clients with entirely separate cruise options.
When will Tern's partnership with Project Expedition Launch?Details on our partnership with Project Expedition.
Creating Cruise Tour Itineraries In TernA walk through outlining how to build out cruise tour itineraries in Tern using a Princess Alaska Cruise Tour as an example.
Disney Cruises are now live in Tern!Disney Cruises are officially added to our cruise library
How can I add multiple cruise cabins on an itinerary?A frequently asked question: How can I manage multiple cabins on a single itinerary.
How do I add a cabin number to the itinerary?A frequently asked question on how to add a cabin number to the itinerary
How to remove the $0 Cruise price in TernRemove a cruise payment group to remove the $0 line item of your cruise, and still keep the cruise itinerary items