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Creating a Trip in Tern
An Introduction to Tasks in TernIn this article we'll cover how to use tasks in Tern starting from a trip overview page.
Adding a new traveler & sharing a Tern itinerary with your clientsThis article will take you through the entire process of sharing an itinerary with your clients including how they can sign up for Tern.
Best Practices for Using Trip Statuses in TernIn this article we show you how to update the trip statuses and provide some tips on how to use them effectively.
Changing the Itinerary header with a Custom Cover Image and DescriptionIn this article we'll outline how you can customize the cover photo and overview statement.
Using Option Groups to Present your Clients with ChoicesIn this article we'll walk through how to use option groups to present clients with three hotel options for their trip to Cabo.
Duplicating a Trip in TernUse Tern's trip duplication feature to clone an existing trip and discern what data you want to bring over on the new trip.
The New Trip Overview Navigation
Trip Versioning on ItinerariesWith trip versioning you can continue to work on the original itinerary without publishing those changes to a client until you're ready.
Creating a new supplier in TernThis article walks you through how to create a new supplier in Tern.
Using Pixabay to add trip cover photos and images to activitiesThis article will walk you through how to use Pixabay to quickly add image content to your itinerary cover photo and trip activities.
Presenting clients with multiple trip ideasHave a client that is looking for a few different trip options? We'll cover how to use multiple itineraries in Tern to do just that.
How to manage group travel in TernBest practices for managing groups in Tern before our groups product launches in 2024.