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Trip Tags

How to add tags to trips, and use them in filtering + Workflows

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Trip tags help you better organize your trips, and use smarter automation logic to auto-apply Workflows.

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Add tags to your trips

When you create a new trip, you'll see a new section for 'tags' you can add

Or, go to the Overview tab of an existing trip to add a tag that way

Filter by trip tags

To filter your trips by tag, first select 'filter' on the top left

You can do this on the trip 'board' view OR list view!

Next, filter by the tag you'd like to search on and click 'view trips'

Use trip tags to auto and bulk-apply Workflows

When setting up a Workflow, you can get even smarter with auto and bulk apply logic using tags. If you haven't used Workflows before, we recommend checking out that article first!

Open a Trip Workflow, and scroll down to the auto-apply section

You'll see a new trigger type for when a tag is applied to a trip

Next, select which tag you'd like to use and enable auto-apply

If you'd like to add it to trips that already have the tag, click 'bulk apply' below

Select the tag you'd like to bulk apply the Workflow to, and select 'bulk apply' to add it!

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