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Tern Agency: Roadmap
Tern Agency: Roadmap

A guide to which agency feature are coming when, and how to sign up for early access

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Our full suite of agency features will be rolling out over the next few months. Team management, library sharing, and basic commission and reporting are already live! Additional reconciliation and collaboration features like unclaimed bookings and trip sharing are coming soon.


Features that are a bit further out are subject to change! We will keep this table updated as timelines shift.




Team & Subscription Management

Set up your agency, invite your team, and optionally purchase seats for a volume discount. Learn more.

Released πŸš€

Commission Reconciliation

Eliminate duplicate data entry for your agents - access all booked activities in Tern in a new Commission dashboard, reconcile supplier payments, and export. Learn more.

Released πŸš€

Agency Reporting

View reports on bookings, gross sales, received & expected commission. Each report is also broken down by agent/supplier. Learn more.

Released πŸš€

Collaboration: Library Sharing

Share any type of library item template with your team - activity & trip templates, email templates, forms, task/automation templates, and workflows. Learn more.

Released πŸš€

Collaboration: Trip Planning

As an agency admin, you will be able to view & edit any trips being planned under your agency.

~Mid July

Log Supplier Payments + Unclaimed Bookings

Instead of only logging supplier payments from booked Tern activities, you'll be able to add supplier payments in Tern directly, and flag any "unmatched" / unclaimed bookings for your team.

~Early August

Agent Reporting

Agent-facing dashboards for commission status and personal sales numbers

~Early August

Collaboration: Tasks

Assign tasks to teammates and have them notified / added to their queue.

~Mid August

Import Historical Sales Data

Import your booking/sales data into Tern, to maintain YoY reporting

~Mid August

After we get through our initial roadmap above, we will start on the next wave of agency features. We won't add timelines here yet, as ordering will be subject to beta feedback.



Collaboration: contacts

Share contacts with teammates within your agency, and transfer ownership of specific contacts

Supplier payment import + auto-matching

Use AI to automatically parse supplier payments & match with bookings in Tern

Advanced commission structures

Structured commission "types" (like personal travel vs agency leads). Allow multiple agents to receive commission for the same activity (eg the "lead" <> "mentee" structure)

Other top requests :)

We are always on the lookout for what is most important to our users - we expect this feature set to continue to grow as we expand our beta further

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