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Setting up your Tern account
Schedule meetings through Tern
Schedule meetings through Tern

This article walks through all the ins and outs of Tern's scheduler in the 'Scheduler Settings' section of your user settings.

Written by Molly Johnson
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Tern's Scheduler is a valuable feature for travel advisors, designed to streamline calendar management and eliminate the need for additional scheduling tools.

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Set up your calendar integration

  1. First, go to Settings:

2. Choose Scheduler Settings. Once there, select "Setup Scheduling."

3. You'll be prompted to choose your calendar client to initiate the integration. Tern integrates with all major providers - but let us know if you don't see the option you need!

4. Select the right account to integration with

5. You'll see a prompt to grant Tern access to your Google account. Select "Allow" to continue with the integration.

6. Finally, you'll be redirected back to "settings" and see that this integration is enabled. Turn off the integration at any time through your calendar client (in this example, through gmail).

Set up & manage your schedule

Set up your schedule

1. After you've enabled your integration with Tern, select "Manage Schedules" again to add your calendar

2. Select Add Scheduling Page

3. Set up your event details. Don't worry, you can always set up more events later.

4. Choose when clients can book time with you, how far in advance they can schedule, and customize your scheduling link (if you want to!)

5. You'll see this event added to your Scheduling Page, and can add more to create different meeting options.

Manage your Schedule

1. To manage a schedule and configure specific preferences, select "edit" on one of the schedules you created

2. From here you can change availability, duration, location, and add a cancellation policy

3. You can also set up a reminder email (these are OFF by default for new events you create)

4. And you can add styling to your booking page and preview what your clients will see

How to send your Scheduler link to clients

1. You can copy your scheduling link (in the Scheduler tab) at any time. These links won't change (unless you edit the url yourself), so feel free to add them to any email templates, to your website - anywhere you would like clients to be able to book time with you.

2. Or you can use our "Scheduler Element" in Forms. Start by creating a form and dragging in the "Scheduler" element.

  • Tip: if you haven't set up your schedule yet you'll be prompted to do so from here before using it within forms!

3. Choose which meeting you want them to be able to book

  • Tip: adding an 'info block' is a great way to add more context to your booking link

4. Your clients will be able to book time with you while filling out the form (see "how clients can book time with you" for more detail).

How clients can book time with you

Booking a meeting

1. When clients visit your schedule link (directly from a url, or from your form), they'll be taken to a landing page for that meeting. They will see dates & times based on 1) your calendar availability, and 2) the settings you created when you set up this schedule.

  • Tip: all times will adapt to your client's time zone automatically.

2. Once they select a specific date, they'll see which times are available on your calendar.

3. They will select a time, and fill out their name & email.

4. After they submit, they're all set!

5. You'll see that this event was automatically added to your calendar for the date & time they booked.

6. The event has also been added to your client's calendar - and they can reschedule or cancel if needed.

7. Finally - you will both receive confirmation emails and can also reschedule or cancel from there. There is no way to customize these emails (today), but we will add this ability in the future!

  • Tip: if you set up a reminder email (under 'Manage Schedule'), the client will receive that as well

Cancelling & Rescheduling Meetings

1. If a client wants to cancel a meeting, they can do so from the calendar event or email notification (outlined in How to use Tern's Scheduler).

  • Tip: you can also reschedule things directly from your calendar (google calendar in this example), and that event will be moved on your client's calendar as well.

2. If a client wants to reschedule a meeting, they can do so from the calendar event or email notification (outlined in How to use Tern's Scheduler).

3. You will be notified of any cancellations or reschedules via email, and the event will automatically be deleted or moved on your calendar


This integration of Scheduler within Tern provides a seamless experience for managing client appointments and schedules, all within one system. It offers customization to fit specific needs and enhances efficiency for travel advisors.

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