Tern Annual Subscription Plan

Learn about Annual Pricing and our Black Friday sale

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Save over 20% per year with an annual plan. You'll also guarantee the cost of Tern for the year - locking in the best prices we'll offer.

Looking to jump ahead? Use the links below:

How to create an annual subscription

1. You can see an overview of pricing options on our Pricing Page. When you are ready to get started, select "sign up".

2. Follow the next set of pages to onboard. We'll ask you for your email, password, name, and a few other details about your business.

3. Next, select which pricing option is right for you.

4. If you select 'Annual Subscription', you'll be taken to a checkout page to pay for annual pricing. Fill out your payment info and select 'Subscribe' to get started!

4. You're all set! You will be taken to your subscription page for more details, and can start using the product immediately.

Upgrading from Monthly to Yearly

Already have an account with Tern, and want to upgrade and save? Never fear - this is easy to do right from 'My Tern Plan'.

1. Log into the product, and click on "Settings" in the top right of your screen

To find your referral code, first click on "Settings"

2. Click "My Tern Plan" on the left hand side, and select the blue "Upgrade to Annual and Save" button

3. Review payment details, and confirm!


  • How do referrals work with Annual Pricing?

    • If you'd like an overview of our referral program, please click here.

    • Please note that if you are already on a free trial, your free trial will end when you upgrade to Annual Pricing. If you have any questions about this please contact our support team - we are happy to help!

  • If I upgrade to annual pricing in the middle of my monthly subscription, will I be prorated for the rest of the month?

    • Yes! We will automatically prorate you. You will be able to see a detailed explanation before paying to upgrade by selecting "view details" while checking out.

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