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Adding a New Contact in Tern
Adding a New Contact in Tern

Check out this article for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to add new contacts into Tern.

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1. Click on 'Contacts' on the top navigation bar

2. Click on 'New Contact'

3. Enter in the details for the contact record you're creating


  1. Make sure you're not duplicating contact records. Over time, you'll want a clean CRM so making sure everything about one individual is stored on a single contact record will be important for data cleanliness.

  2. Make sure you discern what 'Contact Type' this is. Over time, Tern will enhance collaboration functionality between you and other contact types (eg: suppliers, advisors, admins.) so it's important that designation is accurate.

4. When you've entered in all of the details, click on 'Save'

This will now save your new contact record and take you to that contacts page where you can add even more information about that individual.

ℹ️ Continue on to the other 'Contacts' articles for more information on the other tabs within a contact record.

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