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Traveler Mobile App: Offline Access
Traveler Mobile App: Offline Access

Learn how Tern makes the mobile app accessible when your client doesn't have access to wifi or data!

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If your client has the Tern for Travelers app, we automatically download content to their phone, and make it accessible when they lose access to data/wifi. If you want to learn about how the traveler mobile app works more generally, start here.

How offline access works

Itinerary content will automatically download

Any time your client opens their Tern app and has access to data or wifi, we automatically download all trip data to their phone.

  • They'll see a banner at the top of their screen until the download completes.

  • Any time you publish updates, the latest will download.

  • Make sure to remind your client to open the app before they head abroad - to ensure their itinerary will be up to date!

After losing access to data/wifi, almost everything will function normally

1. Their itinerary will appear normally - along with any photos you have added

2. Documents will also be accessible to them offline

3. Please keep in mind that web links won't work

  • If you have embedded links in your itinerary yourself, your client will need access to data or wifi to view them

  • Similarly - we currently open a web link for things like a detailed pricing breakdown of the trip. So they will need access to the internet to view those web pages

4. And as a reminder, newly published changes will need data to download!

  • If you update the itinerary after they have left, they'll need access to data or wifi to see the latest published updates

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